Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm no longer sending out magnets.


People continue to ask me to send them magnets, but unfortunately I am no longer doing so for several reasons:

The first and foremost is liability and exposure to potential litigation. My significant other brought this to my attention, and insisted that I immediately stop mailing out magnets. While I'd like to think that people are reasonable and accept personal responsibility for whatever happens after jamming a stirring magnet into their finger, it was brought to my attention that in today's lawsuit-happy world this doesn't matter. Even with firm legal ground to stand on, defending against litigation can be a financially ruining sequence of events.

Then there's the time and money involved. This is not a money-making venture. I ask for a few bucks to cover the cost of magnets, shipping materials, etc, but in the end I don't even break even. It's very time consuming to carefully select and package magnets into individual bags. I was sending them out because I wanted to share the opportunity to have a magnetic sense, not to make money.

Finally, it's a largely thankless venture. I would be much more apt to continue accepting the risk and donating the time to get magnets to people, but after sending them I rarely ever hear from the person again. To the few that have, THANKS! It's really cool seeing people take the plunge and doing interesting things with their new sense. But more often, since I take quite some time to send them out, people become very insistent. "I SENT YOU MONEY A WEEK AGO WHERE ARE MY MAGNETS?!" Sure, it's not good business to promptly ship, but I'm not running a business.

Sorry I can't provide an easy and cheap source for you to obtain magnets. I'll continue to update this blog with my experiences, but you're on your own when it comes to locating a viable implantable magnet. I've given plenty of sources in blog posts, so it shouldn't be too hard. Good luck!


Fred said...

Hi Nathan. We were communicating through email while you were moving and I think you were to busy to respond but I'd hate to lose contact with you.

John_NY said...

Sorry to hear your experience was neither profitable nor enjoyable.
I have become only recently aware of this sensory experience (via the Adafruit blog) and am interested in seeing what I can sense from attaching one to one or more fingertips or fingernails.
I intend to start by coating it with nail polish and see how long it stays attached. If nail polish doesn't work, I might look up the toxicity of various epoxies. Embedding is not an option for me, so semi-permanent attachment would be so much better.
The VP 782N-3 seem better than the United Nuclear if only because they are half the height (0.7mm vs ~1.4). I've sent VP an email and shall see where it leads.
To avoid the hassle and waste of buying bulk I would very willingly pay $25 for a number of magnets, if a package of 5-10 were sold for this price on eBay. I think you can get away with listing it "as is", with no links to its potential use as an implant, since the first thing I did when looking for small quantities is to search eBay. Just saying.
Thanks for blogging your experiences! As an early adopter who writes about it, you're one of a few pioneers that can demonstrate the safety and benefit of your 6th sense. I plan to follow your example in blogging any successes and instructions if I can get a semi-permanent fingernail mount.

Austin said...

Damn, that's a shame. Spoiled people ruin another good thing :(
I got in touch with you a couple months ago, and never heard anything beyond an initial response, I apologize for being one of those who drove you to this decision.

mr.wizrd said...

I second John_NY's comment. You could still make a little money from whatever amount you have left while avoiding any liability for what is done with the magnets once they are in the buyers' posession.

John_NY said...

You might try for one of their group buys.

Andrew said...

Hi Nathan. You sent me some magnets about a year ago and I've been wanting to get them in ever since. I haven't kept in touch mainly because I haven't been able to find anyone to implant a magnet and my project is on hiatus. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated you sending me magnets and I wish you all the best.