Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still going strong

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to give a short update. I still have the implant, and it's doing just fine. I continue to use my extra sense as if I'd had it all along. It's incorporated itself into the way I explore objects, gives me information about electronic devices, and continues to surprise me in its utility. Some recent examples come to mind:

-Debunking a "therapeutic magnetic bracelet," which as it turns out, had no magnets at all.
-Troubleshooting AC/DC adapters and devices. Since the transformers inside them give off a nice gritty field when plugged in, which increases under load, I'm able to feel that both the AC adapter is working and the device is consuming current when charging or turned on. This is handy when you think your Roomba's battery might not be actually charging, even though it appears to be.
-Fuel injectors and spark plug signal wires under the hood. Tinkering with the car, I found that I could feel, very clearly, the ingition spark and the fuel injectors actuating. While I can't see it being particularly useful, it's a cool otherwise-intangible connection with the car.

I'm quite happy with my implant, and still wish to see them hit the "mainstream." Quite a few people have asked me if I still plan to sell implantable magnets, as I'd indicated in a post a while back. The answer is no, I don't plan to sell them. There's too much risk for litigation in our lawsuit-happy society. Occasionally I get an e-mail from a curious sense-seeker, and I'm happy to assist them in locating the implantable magnets. A few have even gone forward with the procedure, with positive results. I don't update this blog often, because there's really nothing to continually update. I'm always happy to respond to questions via e-mail though, so feel free to contact me.

Here's to another year of magnetic sense!