Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Semi-annual post! Q&A

Hello once again! While it's been quite a while since I updated, not a lot has changed, which is a good thing. I still get a lot of e-mails, and a lot of the questions seem to be recurring. So, it's time for another Q & A session!

Will you send me magnets? If not can you tell me where to get them?
No, sorry, I don't send out magnets anymore. I used stir discs from VP scientific, but I believe there are a number of options nowadays. I don't know of any off the top of my head, so put your Google skills to use.

Can you recommend a place to get a magnet implanted?
There are the usual suspects in the body mod world, but other than that I really don't know a good shop in your city or any particular way to tell the qualifications of the shops in your area. There are many good resources online for piercing / body modification / implants and how to go about finding someone qualified to do the procedure, so I  would recommend starting there.

Do the implants affect your day-to-day life? Do they prevent you from doing ordinary tasks?
They really don't affect my daily life. I still play guitar regularly, work on the car, weld, type, and so on. Though I have found I do need to take special care when metal working, as the steel splinters produced by cutting and grinding will find their way to the tip of my finger. While a metal splinter is no big deal to most fingers, I worry that the magnet will draw a shaving through the skin and compromise the coating. 

Have your implants lost sensitivity?
Nope, in fact, both implants seem to be increasingly sensitive.

How does the newer implant compare to the older one?
The newer implant is definitely not as sensitive as the older one. I think that this is for several reasons. The newer implant was professionally implanted by Brian Decker between skin layers, and it's almost as if it's too far from the nerves. It's also on my non-dominant hand on the opposite side of the finger, so it's likely I pay less attention to it since I've been using my right hand to explore fields for a lot longer. The older implant also is not as deep, so it's likely that the vibrations are more readily picked up.

Will you PLEASE send me a magnet? You MUST have spares!
No. Please stop asking me! I'm happy to talk about the implant and answer questions, but I won't even respond with a "no" if you e-mail me asking for one.

That's all for now! I'll try and update soon with some recent experiences, particularly metal working, as well as some awesome fields that I've found.