Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The sensations become a sense

In the past few months I have made a sort of transition. At first, the sensations I felt were foreign and new. I would feel a buzz from a dc adapter and think "woah! It buzzes!" As of late, though, I have found that I increasingly recognize specific sensations, and can feel subtle variations. This transition has been like the difference between feeling a surface with latex gloves, then with bare skin: I can feel the texture of a field. The field from the power supply inside my alarm clock feels smooth and clean. The DC adapter for my electric razor feels gritty. I found a long lost hard drive magnet under the couch without ever seeing or touching it... I sensed it, even knew which pole was facing my finger!

While technically this ability is an extension of touch, the human perception makes it more than that. A magnetic implant gives the human body the ability to detect and quantify what would otherwise be intangible. Truly, it is a sixth sense.


C.B. said...

I find myself wondering if there's some connection between the texture of a field and the efficiency of the transformer that produces it.

Vash said...

The texture or tone of the field should be based on the waveform. :)

I am considering getting one some day. I am a soon to be electrical engineer.

Alex said...

I am interested. Do you have pics? Are they coated with anything (like Steve Haworth's silicone "biocapsule"?