Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coating Hunt Part 2

I have continued to contact companies about Parylene coatings.

I came across a process called ParyLAST, in which the surface is prepared in a different manor, "cold plasma cleaning" or something of the like, then coated with parylene. According to the companies website, the process is much more durable and longlasting than conventional parylene coating procedures. This coating has apparently been extensively tested and is used in numerous FDA approved implant devices.

The local company responded, saying that they do not coat magnets, so scratch that one off the list.

Craig has been researching crush resistance, and has come up with several reports and studies conducted for magnet implants to hold dental work. While the coating was compromised, it was under the forces of chewing, which are the most powerful in the body.

But as Craig put it, "I don't want the thing to shatter at the slightest high five!"

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