Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spoke with body artist, got an email from an expert, responses from parylene company

After work yesterday I went to a local well-respected tattoo and piercing shop. The body artist was very familiar with the magnet implants. I discussed the new coating technique and he agreed that if I could prove that it was safe for implantation he would do it.

I received a reply from Jesse Jarrel, who had initially given me the idea of parylene coating via his quote in an article awhile back. He did not know of anyone that had used parylene for a magnetic implant, but said that he sends implants to get coated with parylene. He also noted that there are parylene and teflon coated magnetic stir bars for laboratory purposes that could be viable. He also took me up on an offer to send him some coated magnets for him to check out.

After being tipped off by Mr. Jarrel I found a single company that encases rare-earth magnets with layers of teflon AND parylene for the purpose of stirring devices. I contacted them for information, and if the price is right this may be the best option yet!

My only worry is running in to minimum order/lot size as I have with the parylene coating companies. It's a lot like the scene in Batman Begins, where Alfred and Bruce are forced to buy prototype bat-masks by the thousands. To just get one prototype magnetic implant, I may end up with many MANY extras.

Still, all the pieces are coming together and I'm getting very excited!

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