Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's been a little over two weeks since I had a Parylene coated magnet implanted in my finger.

Over the past few days there have been apparent complications with healing. I'll recap the healing process, and where I think things went wrong: After the initial procedure, I kept the entry wound covered, first with a liquid bandage, then a bandaid. After the wound decreased in size and scabbed I stopped dressing it and continued in my day to day life. Healing seemed to be going well until a circular area surrounding the magnet became raised and "poofy." It was not painful or sensitive - in fact, the area largely lacked sensitivity. It stayed this way for a few days. While showering, I gently pressed on the raised area and a small amount of clear fluid discharged from the previously closed entry wound. The wound became "unglued" revealing that the inside was not healing as I thought. My body seemed to be rejecting the implant.

I gently prodded the area, and could actually see the black edge of the disc through the entry wound. It's possible that exposing the partially healed implant to other fields and metals as well as typing had led to it's distress.

I was faced with a choice: remove the implant and try again with a different installation method, or continue trying to heal. I opted for the latter. I cleaned the now sore-from-poking entry point and wrapped a bandaid relatively tightly around it so that a gentle pressure was applied. My plan was to heal the pocket of separated tissue by using a bandage to keep it pushed together.

After 2 days of keeping slight pressure on it, there is no longer a "puffy" spot and normal feeling has returned to the area. In fact, the area has become more sensitive than it ever has been. The entry wound itself has closed again, and has not discharged any more fluid. As far as I can tell, it's once again on the path to healing. I have resolved to adamantly "leave it the hell alone" until I am certain that it has healed or necessitates removal.

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