Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The waiting continues...

For the past two weeks I have been waiting on samples of implant candidates to arrive in the mail. One is simply a parylene coated neodymium magnet, like I originally wanted to use. Another is a parylene coated stainless steel magnet, but is not as strong. The Third sample is a machined PTFE (teflon) case - like a hollow tube with a wall in the middle with two parylene coated magnets holding each other inside the case. -This one might be interesting as it provides better resistance to wear than a lone magnet.

After following up, it was obvious that the magnets should have been delivered quite some time ago. A good friend of mine (who also would like to get the implant) jokingly suggested that the envelope was magnetically attached to the side of a mail truck.

I offered to pick up shipping costs to have them expressed, so they should be here in two days or so. I can't wait!

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C.B. said...

Sweet, I cant wait to see them